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Serving Residential, Commercial or Institutional Markets

Our Story

Northwest Specialty Timber specializes in sourcing high-quality, large, architectural timber framing products for interior and exterior projects. Our customers throughout the United States rely on our superior product, knowledge and service to ensure the success of their commercial, residential, industrial, and resort projects.

Specializing and sourcing only the best Western soft woods (Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Port Orford Cedar) from Oregon, our products are used across the country in residential and commercial construction projects that specify the highest architectural standards. These specialized woods are ideal for projects where substantial size, length and structural value are required.

These custom timbers are selectively harvested and valued for their architectural beauty. Unlike other timber products that go unseen in a finished structure, Northwest Specialty Timber’s products become artistic centerpieces in structures that are built to last for generations.

We partner with Starfire Lumber Co. and other top-tier manufacturers that have customized, state-of-the-art milling equipment and techniques. The superior quality lumber sourced by Northwest Specialty Timber and milled by our suppliers means every client receives a consistent product in a timely manner.

Every Northwest Specialty Timber client receives:

  • Superior service from seasoned professionals   
  • A “Make It Happen” attitude
  • Access to distinctive large-scale architectural timbers
  • Top-quality products finished by the best cutting mill in the Northwest
  • Delivery throughout the United States and Canada

About Our President

Daniel Ettelstein founded Northwest Specialty Timber in 2010. With more than 20 years of sales experience and extensive knowledge of horticulture, Dan brings a unique perspective to each client’s project needs. His horticulture background gives him insight into the timber’s geographical harvesting sites, why specific sites produce the strongest and longest lumber, the wood’s growth habits, and how each type of wood will respond to a final application and location.

It is Dan’s goal to build a trusting relationship with each and every client. Knowing every detail of a project (from source to delivery), making product recommendations based on construction specs and knowledge of timber attributes, having a close alliance with Starfire Lumber cutting mill, and getting the job done on time and on budget are a just a few of the reasons why clients put their trust in Dan.


​NAWA – North American Wholesale Lumber Association
PWLA – Portland Wholesale Lumber Association
CSI – Construction Specifications Institute – Portland Chapter